Leadership Needn’t Be Lonely

Otherboard provides positive coaching to help leaders and teams make changes that work.

We Work One-to-one

We’ll shape our service around a relationship with you as an individual. We know you don’t need yet another person to answer to; instead, Otherboard gives you someone to find answers with.

We provide a sounding board, a wise best friend in business, a person to turn to, talk to and grow with, someone to take the loneliness out of leadership.

We Work With Teams

We offer an outside perspective, asking the difficult questions and addressing team concerns such as communication, conflict and resilience.

All our sessions are designed to be supportive as well as challenging – and we’ll share lots of useful techniques for you take away and practise.

Everything we do is designed to have outcomes that are as practical as they are transformational.

We want to help your business be a more productive, rewarding place to work, with positive leadership and solid financial direction. We do it with tools and techniques that are evidence-based and, above all, grounded in Positive Psychology.

The Otherboard way of working is always to help you succeed by identifying and building on your existing strengths.

“I first worked with Louisa when she facilitated a two-day board residential for my agency in April 2018. She developed an engaging programme, which helped us achieve the desired outcomes from our time together. Since then Louisa has continued to support me as a mentor. I meet with her every few months and we then have phone check-ins in between. She has helped me better define my personal brand and role in an ever-evolving, fast-paced, growing agency. She is encouraging in all aspects of my life, including my personal interests and side projects; and whilst her expertise of building an agency and developing client relationships is undisputed, she also brings a mindful approach to our sessions, introducing NLP techniques at key points to get the best out of me.”

Abi, Agency Owner

If you’d like to find out more, contact…

Louisa Pau