Who and How?

Otherboard provides positive coaching to help leaders and teams make changes that work.

Louisa Pau founded Otherboard in 2013. Drawing on her own experience of running an ad agency, she wanted to help others in leadership roles create the time and space for self-development. Always a natural mentor, Louisa re-trained to add a variety of coaching techniques and insights to her skillset.

Today, she’s an experienced practitioner in Positive Psychology and multiple Brain Integration Techniques. Using these tools and others, she creates transformational programmes and coaching sessions for creative and digital agencies, media businesses, charities and schools.

Louisa ran her first business, Woolley Pau, from 1993 to 2007, building it into an ad agency with an enviable reputation, both for its creative work and its quality as an employer.

After selling the business, she took on a strategic role to pilot the company through change and growth, working with the leadership team and the parent group, Gyro, until 2012.

At the IPA, Louisa chaired the inaugural Healthcare Group, was a member of Council for nine years and the Membership Committee for three. Her work was recognised when she was made a Fellow of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising in 2010.


Louisa has a wide and varied network that she and Otherboard use to support their clients needs, from accountants, lawyers, HR and IT consultants to many different kinds of coaches and facilitators.



Fellow of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (FIPA)

Member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Psychology Coaching Intensive Training programme ¹ ²

Certificate in team coaching practice ¹

Professional mBIT Certified Coach ¹

¹ Course approved by the International Coach Federation   |   ² Licence to use the Vision Day methodology

Otherboard Way of Working

We use a variety of tools and techniques to make our coaching lively, supportive and, above all, productive.

Here are two that are good examples of the Otherboard way of working…

Positive Psychology

The simple aim of Positive Psychology is to help people flourish.

Finding meaning and purpose is part of it, but ultimately, it’s about achieving well-being in your working life. As the name suggests, Positive Psychology focuses on what’s going right.

We develop meaningful goals to give you greater clarity around the future you want, but everything springs from your existing strengths and values.

Positive Psychology will re-frame the way you think about the challenges you face, give you renewed energy and resilience and equip you with tools and techniques you can use every day.


Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT)

The belief that we have more than one kind of intelligence at work in our minds is centuries old.

With recent research in neuroscience and behavioural psychology, there’s now solid evidence to support this ancient insight. Instead of a single brain, it might be more accurate to say we have as many as three or more distinct clusters of complex neural networks, forming connections, retaining memories and influencing decisions. How these ‘brains’ work together can have a profound effect on how we feel and function as people.

Misalignment can lead to internal conflict, stress, bad decision-making and unhappiness. Working with Otherboard you can use multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) and discover a whole new meaning to the word ‘mindset’.

“Becoming head of a respected advertising agency can be quite challenging. One finds out very soon how lonely a boss can feel. Louisa has been a great partner, helping me to articulate priorities, setting plans and helping to follow them and being available for advice at any time too. Thanks to Louisa I have quickly become much more confident and started to feel more comfortable in my “boss shoes”.

Mirek, Agency Managing Director

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Louisa Pau