For Teams

Our own research with business leaders confirms what our own experience suggests, the big challenges of leadership come under three headings:

  • Financial management
  • Finding and retaining talent
  • Business strategy

Getting strong support in these three core areas makes the job of leadership that much easier. Our programmes for teams include:

Business Health Check day

A Business Health Check Day is an opportunity for business owners to take a deep look at all parts of the business. That includes people, finance, the product, growth plans, processes and clients.

At the end of the day you’ll have key priorities for the next year and a road map of actions for the next six months.


Agency Vision Day

An Agency Vision Day is a chance for the senior leadership team to get away from the day to day and spend time thinking about the future.

At the end of the day you will have an idea of your ideal future with key milestones and a motivating action plan.

“We were looking to provide our staff with the tools to communicate effectively in order to improve team work and efficiency. We have worked with Louisa a number of times, so she was our first choice when it came to creating constructive communication guidelines for all levels of staff to use. These were introduced through engaging workshops she designed and ran.

We continue to use and develop this programme as we grow and it has become an integral part of our brand and induction process.”

Susan, Senior Operations & HR Manager

Forest Awaydays

These are Awaydays with a difference. It’s a chance to escape the office, switch off the emails and re-energise with your team in the beautiful outdoors.

Forest Awaydays can be combined with a Vision Day programme.


Team Workshops

These are intense bursts of learning, designed to involve all kinds of staff and are often used to deal with specific issues.

Previous workshop titles have included: How to Have a More Productive Day; Owning Your Numbers; Communication Skills; How to be More Resilient; and Putting Your Strengths to Work.

Louisa has worked with us over the past 18 months, supporting, advising and guiding us through a complex company restructuring and relocation. She works in a calm, encouraging and always challenging way which has been instrumental in enabling Karen and me to move forward and create a new leadership team. Her ability to understand and highlight the company’s strengths and weaknesses produced valuable insight and played a major part in the company branding.

Careen, Business Owner

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