For the leader alone

It’s not easy finding time to think ahead when you’re distracted by the here and now. And you can’t be your own sounding board – at least not effectively.

Our programmes provide you with a wise best friend in business, a person to turn to, talk to and grow with. We know you don’t need yet another person to answer to; instead, we give you someone to find answers with.

Vision Intensive Day

A chance to step out of the daily routine and spend time thinking about the future in a positive and engaging way.

At the end of this day you will have an idea of your ideal future with key milestones and a motivating action plan.

The cost, including materials and a follow-up call, is £2,600 plus VAT.


From Burnout to Flourishing

From Burnout to Flourishing is our popular six- or ten-session programme. It can be delivered online or face-to-face and outcomes include:

  • A map of your ideal role at work and knowing where you bring most value
  • An understanding of your unique character strengths and how to apply them in different situations
  • Creating a vision for the future with a roadmap of key events
  • An action plan for the next six months
  • Practical ways to help regulate stress

Costs start from £1,680 plus VAT.

“I spent a day with Louisa on her Vision Intensive Day rediscovering who I am and seeing options in work and life I forgot were there. Before I went, the thought of doing such a thing seemed like a luxury; having been through Louisa’s thoughtfully-structured, intense exercises, I think it should be compulsory for anyone leading a business they care about.”

Ed, Agency Managing Director

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Louisa Pau