For The Leader Alone

It’s not easy finding time to think ahead when you’re distracted by the here and now. And you can’t be your own sounding board – at least not effectively.

Our programmes give you time to think, while providing a supportive, objective outsider to share those thoughts with.

Our one-to-one programmes include:

Vision Intensive Day

A Vision Intensive Day is a one-to-one coaching experience that provides a unique opportunity for leaders to take some high quality, accelerated thinking and visioning time for themselves.

It uses a successful and proven methodology to help provide clarity around what’s next in your business and life and generate breakthrough thinking around important issues.

It is based on Positive Psychology and there are 12 well-structured exercises designed to stimulate creative thinking and visioning.


Personal Programme

These are usually six one-to-one coaching sessions, which can be a mix of face-to-face meetings and telephone calls.

Using Positive Psychology and mBIT techniques, you’ll gain fresh perspective to help you set goals and clarify the key issues in your work and life.

You’ll gain clear objectives and practical, motivating outcomes.

“Recently I spent a whole day with Louisa Pau on her vision day rediscovering who I am and seeing options in work and life I forgot were there. Before I went, the thought of doing such a thing seemed like a luxury; having been through Louisa’s thoughtfully-structured, intense exercises, I think it should be compulsory for anyone leading a business they care about.”

Ed, Agency Managing Director

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