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Coaching programmes, workshops and team days.

Leadership Development Programme

Group coaching can help build trust and cohesiveness. Take the team to a new level and create a safe environment to share issues and support each other to solve problems. It can be challenging but also supportive.

  • Understand the team strengths and how to use them more effectively.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities and learn their key values.
  • Create a shared vision for the future and roadmap for the next 6 months.
  • Feel confident in your leadership/management style and behaviour.
  • Understand communication styles, triggers, and how to have difficult conversations.

Six group sessions plus individual coaching sessions for each team member.

Costs from £7,700 plus VAT.


Workshops and Team Days

These are intense bursts of learning designed for your whole team. Popular workshops include:

  • How to communicate productively
  • Stress awareness and how to create a healthy culture
  • Team strengths and values day

Costs from £850 plus VAT.

“We’ve ended another year stronger and more positive, due to your fantastic support. Thank you for some really inspiring and thought-provoking sessions this year.”

Business Owner

Business Health Check

A Business Health Check is an opportunity for the leadership team to take a deep look at all parts of the business. That includes people, finance, the product, growth plans, processes and clients.

You’ll have a road map of actions for the next six months and key priorities for the year.

Costs from £1,400 plus VAT.


Agency Vision Day

An Agency Vision Day is a chance for the senior leadership team to get away from the day-to-day and spend time thinking about the future.

You will have an idea of your ideal future with key milestones and a motivating action plan.

The cost is £2,600 plus VAT.

Louisa has worked with us over the past 18 months, supporting, advising and guiding us through a complex restructuring and relocation. She works in a calm, encouraging and always challenging way which has been instrumental in enabling us to move forward and create a new leadership team.

Careen, Business Owner

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